Amangeldy field

gas field
Number of
oil wells
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Natural gas reserves
Exploration period

Field Amangeldy was discovered by drilling deep exploratory well №1 in 1975. It was introduced at the stage of experimental-industrial operation on October 2003. 22 wells were drilled (101-122), 3 exploration wells were restored (2G, 6G, 16G) during the project EIO. The field Amangeldy was transferred to stage of commercial operation on 14th December, 2007.

In 2007 JSC “NIPIneftegas” made reserve calculation and it was approved by the State Reserves Committee of the RK protocol №632-07-I of 15.11.2007. The gas reserves are as follows: the C1 gas category- 18952 million m3, C2 gas category- 6067 million m3. The first billion boarder was reached on September the 7-th 2007, the second was on 28-th of July, 2010.

Currently, 26 wells (101-124, 2G, 6G, 16G) operated with an average daily production of 820.5 thousand m3 of gas and 50.4 tons of gas condensate. The well №125 is under construction, the ending of drilling is expected in September. The 3 billion of gas and 235 685tons of gas condensate are expected to extract on 24-th of August 2013.