The “Amageldy” gas field is located in the northern part of the Talas district of Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The field is located in 190 km north of Taraz. The climate is continental with hot, dry, long summers and cold winters with little snow. There are the  network of roads to the sites of the infield wells, field camps, Diversion and treatment facilities, temporary storage of drilling and construction waste, site of Central gas treatment unit CFPG on which the fire station and administration block at the site of the gas-field Amangeldy. On December 1, 2009 has been put into operation a gas processing UPG-4, 38, which is intended for recovery and recycling of flare gas to produce propane-butane mixture and marketable gas. The environmental effect of the introduction of this technology is substantial, namely:

  • the  rational use of domestic gas resources through the introduction of modern processing technologies;
  • improvement of the environment due to multiple reduce of total emissions to the atmosphere;

Combined sewerage system.

As a result of industrial activity there are formed household domestic waste water discharged from the system of domestic sewage on the field Amangeldy.

At the site of camp outdoor gravity sewer system collects wastewater from buildings and structures with a tap in the sump CND. From the pumping station on the pressure line with 80 mm diameter wastewater coming into pressure sand trap and then – in the unit wastewater treatment plant WWTP.

On CFPG household wastewater discharged to the local treatment facilities – septic tank. The removal of waste from septic tanks to the treatment plant, located in the shift settlement, is carried out by special transport. The final receiver of household wastewater is evaporation pond located in the shift camp.

Industrial sewage. The technical water on the field Amangeldy presented reservoir water, storm water runoff (CFPG) and brine from the water treatment plant.

Produced water and storm water runoff from the territory CFPG served on the installation of oily waste water, after which the treated wastewater is fed into the tank-reclaimer. Brine from the stage of water treatment is also applied to the tank-balancing reservoir from which the combined wastewater is discharged into evaporation pond.

Waste which specialized for recycling is transported to companies for processing (recycling). These are prompt scrap, waste mercury-containing fluorescent lamps, spent batteries and waste oil.

In the Partnership has developed the  program of self-control for 2013-2017. According to the program at the facilities field “Amangeldy” it is monitoring the environment in order to obtain reliable information on the impact of gas production on the ecological state of the environment, assessing the effectiveness of conservation measures.

According to industrial monitoring and operating systems in the border of the sanitary protection zone Amangeldy gas field for the first half-year 2013 production conform to the specifications set by the regulations, the measured values ​​and the concentration of hazardous substances generally do not exceed established limits. Based on the monitoring data it can be concluded that the company is a significant impact on environmental pollution has not.

In the LPP “Amangeldy Gas” in place and there are three management systems that meet international standards: RK ISO 9001-2009, ISO 14001-2006 ST RK and ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008.