Information about the contract area LLP “Amangeldy Gas”

CJSC “KazTransGas” and the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan by Investments signed Subsoil Use Contract on joint exploration and production of hydrocarbons on 12-th of December, 2000, the act of state registration №611 with subsequent amendments № 1-6. LPP “Amangeldy Gas” has acquired the right to subsoil use contract with JSC “KazTransGas” in appliance with the addition №7 on 12.07.2012 to the Contract №611 of 12.12.2000.

The square of the Contract area is 2025.53 km2 after returning in 2006 and 2010, including: deposit Amangeldy – 56.85 km2, deposit Zharkum – 26.87 km2, deposit Airakty – 169.89 km2, sector Anabay-Maldibay – 274.41 km2, sector Kumurly-Koskuduk – 241.85 km2, and sector Barhannaya-Sultankuduk – 642.54 km2, deposits Kempirtobe – 228.94 km2 and Ucharal-North Ucharal – 384.17 km2.

General approved geological gas reserves by the Contract Area fields are 47575.0 million m3, including hydrocarbon gas – 31706.3 million m3, nitrogen – 15457.0 million m3 and helium – 55.085 million m3, also by deposit Amangeldy, as the largest and most studied of the group fields of the contract area, total geological hydrocarbon gas reserves of deposits lower visa are 25021.0 million m3, including C1 – 18952 million m3 and C2 – 6067 million m3 after recalculation of  reserves  on 1st  January, 2006.


Field Amangeldy

Field Amangeldy was discovered by drilling deep exploratory well №1 in 1975. It was introduced at the stage of experimental-industrial operation on October 2003. 22 wells were drilled (101-122), 3 exploration wells were restored (2G, 6G, 16G) during the project EIO. The field Amangeldy was transferred to stage of commercial operation on 14th December, 2007.

In 2007 JSC “NIPIneftegas” made reserve calculation and it was approved by the State Reserves Committee of the RK protocol №632-07-I of 15.11.2007. The gas reserves are as follows: the C1 gas category- 18952 million m3, C2 gas category- 6067 million m3. The first billion boarder was reached on September the 7-th 2007, the second was on 28-th of July, 2010.

Currently, 26 wells (101-124, 2G, 6G, 16G) operated with an average daily production of 820.5 thousand m3 of gas and 50.4 tons of gas condensate. The well №125 is under construction, the ending of drilling is expected in September. The 3 billion of gas and 235 685tons of gas condensate are expected to extract on 24-th of August 2013.


The field Airacty

The field Airacty was discovered in 1979. 8 deep and 10 structural wells were drilled. Gas flow was received in the deposit lower visa with yields 3-11 thousand m3/day. The yields of two fields (507 and 509) were 77 and 128 thousand m3/day through the 19.1 mm collar, the deposit lower visa was tested in 7 wells. Gas flow was received in 3 wells №1Г, 6Г, 11Г with yields 9-27 thousands m3/day (through the maximal 19.1 mm collar). Gas reserves (1268 million m3) were approved by USSR State Reserves Committee the Protocol № 8884 of 27th November, 1981.

In the 2006-2013 CDP-2D seismic survey research was conducted, wells № 1Г, 4Г and 6Г were restored and made ​​hydraulic fracturing, gas production rate were 200, 100 and 105 m3/day accordingly, higher than initial rate 8-10 times.

“The project of evaluation work of deposit Airacty” was performed and approved by the CDC RK protocol №335 from 09.01.2012; gas reserves of the field Airakty are expected about 10.9 billion m3, as in the deposit Amangeldy. The construction of an appraisal well Airakty №8 was began in 2013, also in 2013, it is planned to complete recalculation of the reserves and preparation of the field for entering into experimental-industrial operation.


Field Zharkum

Field Zharkum was discovered in 1973, by drilling well №1, later wells №2 and №3 were drilled. CDP-2D seismic survey research was conducted by technology of high-resolution seismic survey. Based on the seismic data “Re-exploration of field Zharkum project” was developed and two exploration wells (№ 4, 5) were drilled.

Well №1Г was restored in 2006, gas production rate were 140 thousand m3 (C1V1), well №2Г was restored, gas production rate was C1V1 -24 thousand m3. ​​Hydraulic fracturing of the well № 4 was made and gas production rate was 25 thousand m3 (C1sr).

The hydrocarbon reserves were counted by the results of the hydraulic fracturing in 2010 and 1,273 billion m3 of gas of C1 approved in the SRC RK, with 833 million m3 extractive reserves of dry gas.

“The project of experimental-industrial exploitation of well Zharkum” was performed in 2013, the project work is carried out: the construction of a gas pipeline Amangeldy-Zharkum and develop the field Zharkum.  The start of experimental-industrial exploitation of field is planned in 2014.


Field Anabay

9 exploration wells were drilled in the field, inflow of the flammable gas was received during the testing exploration wells. The deposit lower visa was assessed as deposit with industrial value.

Originally gas reserves in the sulfate-carbonate pack of deposit middle visa are reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Geology of the USSR in 1980 in the amount of 3120 million m3 of C1. As on 1st January, 1984, the reserves of C1 totaled 1170.5 million m3, a decrease C1 reserves due to the exclusion of the volumetric field low yield wells.

“The re-exploration of field Anabay project” was composed and “Group technical project for the construction of exploratory wells of Anabay field” was designed in 2007. In 2006 seismic surveys 2D (28 linear km), in 2008-2009 regional 2D profiling were conducted. In 2011 the exploration well №4 was restored, deep- hydraulic fracturing was held.

 3D seismic research in the amount of 50.0 km2 is carried out to clarify the geological and structural framework in 2012-2013. Processing and interpretation of data are produced. Project work by the calculation of reserves of the deposit and experimental industrial commissioning began in 2013. Estimated reserves are 3 – 4 billion m3.


Structure Koskuduk (Eastern Kumyrly)

Structure Kumyrly opened in 1968, one gas deposit was detected, and it was dedicated to the Tournaisian productive horizon. Calculation of reserves of structure Kumyrly was submitted to the USSR State Reserves Committee (protocol №5679 from 28.04.1969 g) of C2 in the amount of 9,273 million m3 in 1969, due to the lack of research resources have not been approved. The gas reserves were approved by the State balance in the amount of 1,533 million m3 of C1 after the intensification work of boreholes №2 and №3.

Detailed seismic surveys CDP-2D with volume of 233.76 linear km performed in 2009-2010. According the results of work the geological structure was refined as an independent geological object. It is recommended to drill one exploration well (Rek 1) and to carry out additional seismic research CDP-2D with a view to re-exploration of geological features of the structure Kumyrly. In 2011, the “Project of evaluation work on the structure Koskuduk” was developed by protocol of CDC Kazakhstan № 337 from  09.01.2012.

Nowadays (in 2013), the construction of an appraisal well №1-К of the structure Koskuduk is underway. Expected probable reserves are within 7 – 8 billion m3.


Structure Sultankuduk

Detailed seismic surveys CDP-2D performed on the structure Sultankuduk in 2009-2010. The dome lifting of Sultankuduk, West Kashkinbay and Kashkinbay were combined into a single structure Sultankuduk oriented from north-west to south-east according to the results of work.

Promising area was highlighted on the structure Sultankuduk in the Famennian deposits of Devonian, subsalt Lower Permian formations and sediments of the lower and middle visa of Lower Carboniferous perspective for gas deposits.

It’s recommended to continue prospecting seismic methods CDP-2D of east and north territory of the structure Sultankuduk for additional exploration Famennian-Lower Carboniferous section intervals. It’s recommended the drilling of two exploration wells.

In 2011 “The project search operations on the structure Sultankuduk” was performed and approved by the CDC protocol of Kazakhstan № 336 from 09.01.2012. The expected probable reserves are within 36.05 billion m3, including 26.13 billion m3 of hydrocarbon gases, 9.92 billion m3 of inert gas.

The construction of the exploration well №3-C was begun in 2013.


LLP “GEOOILSERVIS KAZAKHSTAN” developed a feasibility study for the development of layers with inert gases in the fields Ucharal, Kempirtobe, West Ucharal and North Ucharal. Pre-feasibility study of an integrated re-exploration and development of contract territory of JSC “Amangeldy Gas” designed by LLP «Caspian Contractors Trust» was performed.

In the feasibility study considered:

  • Construction of a chemical plant for the production of nitrogen fertilizers with a payback in 2 years;
  • Reception of helium and nitrogen by cryogenic plant operating during 11 years and capital investment in amount of U.S $60,350.0 million. Operation of the plant is profitable with these parameters and estimated costs for 2005, since the third year.

It’s considered the option of using deposits Ucharal and Kempirtobe by UGS in storage options AG = 943 million m3 at the end of the main term of exploitation.