Zharkum field

gas field
Number of
oil wells
bln m3
Natural gas reserves
Exploration period

Field Zharkum was discovered in 1973, by drilling well №1, later wells №2 and №3 were drilled. CDP-2D seismic survey research was conducted by technology of high-resolution seismic survey. Based on the seismic data “Re-exploration of field Zharkum project” was developed and two exploration wells (№ 4, 5) were drilled.

Well №1Г was restored in 2006, gas production rate were 140 thousand m3 (C1V1), well №2Г was restored, gas production rate was C1V1 -24 thousand m3. ​​Hydraulic fracturing of the well № 4 was made and gas production rate was 25 thousand m3 (C1sr).

The hydrocarbon reserves were counted by the results of the hydraulic fracturing in 2010 and 1,273 billion m3 of gas of C1 approved in the SRC RK, with 833 million m3 extractive reserves of dry gas.

“The project of experimental-industrial exploitation of well Zharkum” was performed in 2013, the project work is carried out: the construction of a gas pipeline Amangeldy-Zharkum and develop the field Zharkum.  The start of experimental-industrial exploitation of field is planned in 2014.