Ayrakty field

gas field
Number of
oil wells
bln m3
Natural gas reserves
Exploration period

The field Airacty was discovered in 1979. 8 deep and 10 structural wells were drilled. Gas flow was received in the deposit lower visa with yields 3-11 thousand m3/day. The yields of two fields (507 and 509) were 77 and 128 thousand m3/day through the 19.1 mm collar, the deposit lower visa was tested in 7 wells. Gas flow was received in 3 wells №1Г, 6Г, 11Г with yields 9-27 thousands m3/day (through the maximal 19.1 mm collar). Gas reserves (1268 million m3) were approved by USSR State Reserves Committee the Protocol № 8884 of 27th November, 1981.

In the 2006-2013 CDP-2D seismic survey research was conducted, wells № 1Г, 4Г and 6Г were restored and made ​​hydraulic fracturing, gas production rate were 200, 100 and 105 m3/day accordingly, higher than initial rate 8-10 times.

“The project of evaluation work of deposit Airacty” was performed and approved by the CDC RK protocol №335 from 09.01.2012; gas reserves of the field Airakty are expected about 10.9 billion m3, as in the deposit Amangeldy. The construction of an appraisal well Airakty №8 was began in 2013, also in 2013, it is planned to complete recalculation of the reserves and preparation of the field for entering into experimental-industrial operation.