Personnel policy

Personnel policy is the system of rules and standards which lead a human resource to be in line with the strategy of company.

The purpose of the personnel policy LLP “Amangeldy Gas”

The purposes of the personnel policy LLP “Amangeldy Gas” are getting the maximum efficiency of investments in human resources by building a system that would:

  • motivate employees to achieve the goals noted in the business strategy of the Partnership;
  • objectively evaluate the degree of achievement of results;
  • fairly reward and encourage for their achievements.

The implementation of the goals and objectives have to provide the best balance of renewal and preservation of the size and quality of staff, the development of human resources in accordance with the needs of the Partnership, the requirements of current legislation and the state of the labor market, long-term competitive advantage.

The challenges of implementing

The main tasks of the personnel policy of LLP “Amangeldy Gas” are follows:

  1. Development of human resource planning, taking into account the structure of the needs of the Partnership, rational distribution and efficient use of personnel;
  2. Ensuring the flow of qualification and professional staff at the expense of the developed system of recruitment and selection;
  3. Professional development and self-education of employees, development programs of personnel reserve of the Partnership;
  4. Creating conditions for the assessment of existing staff to determine compliance with the positions held, assessing the quality of work performance, identify training needs and development, to identify employees with high potential for advancement and further incentive;
  5. Find, attract and retain highly qualified personnel;
  6. Provision of legal and social protection of workers, increase the effectiveness of safety, a favorable psychological climate, the development of the corporate culture of the Partnership.