Two gas measuring stations have been put into operation in the Turkestan region


On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national company JSC “KazTransGas” commissioned new gas measuring stations “Jetysai” and “Shardara” in the Turkestan region.

The station “Shardara” is located on the 314 kilometer of the main gas pipeline “Gazli-Shymkent”. Gas pressure is 7.5 MPa (75 kgf/cm2), the capacity is 834,000 m3/hour. The gas measuring station “Shardara” is the most remote object of gas infrastructure from settlements, which has no analogues. The entire production process at the plant is carried out autonomously and does not depend on external sources of electricity and water supply.

The Jetysai station is located on the 372 kilometer of the Bukhara gas district – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty main gas pipeline, its gas pressure is 5.4 MPa (55 kgf/cm2), capacity is 834,000 m3/hour.

Both stations are equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes it possible not only to achieve ultra-precise measurement of the volume of gas flow, but also to timely determine the presence of chemical elements in the gas component that aggressively affect the metal of the pipeline.

According to Serikhan Baizakov, Technical Director of JSC “Intergas Central Asia”, the commissioning of gas measuring stations will allow accounting for Uzbek gas entering the Kazakhstan system of main gas pipelines.

“The indicators of the stations will allow monitoring the quality, as well as stopping the supply of substandard gas to the gas transmission system. This will make it possible to prevent a decrease in throughput, which means that it will significantly extend the service life of gas pipelines and reduce repair costs. One of the main tasks for the national company KazTransGas is to increase the reliability and capacity of the domestic gas transmission system, this is a great contribution to ensuring the energy security of the country,” Serikhan Baizakov said.

Comfortable infrastructure have been built for employees that serving gas measuring stations.

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