On the territory of Shu-Sarysu production branch of LLP «Amangeldy Gaz» successfully conducted educational alarm


The drill was held on the territory of Shu-Sarysu production branch (SS PF) LLP «Amangeldy Gaz». The main purpose of the exercise is to improve the practical skills of the civil defence and emergency management bodies of the SS PF, the operational group of the rescue service, the fire service, security organization and other territorial formations to carry out measures to eliminate accidents on the contract territory of SS PF LLP «Amangeldy Gaz», as well as provision of the first pre-hospital assistance to victims in emergency situations. 49 employees of the Company and contractors, as well as 7 vehicles, were involved in the security drill Representatives of the Emergency Department of Zhambyl region were invited as observers.

According to the drill alarm plan, actions have been worked out to eliminate gas breakout on the technological gas pipeline Ø219mm inside the fishing area of SS PF LLP «Amangeldy Gaz». According to the representatives of the Department of Emergency Situations of Zhambyl region, the training issues were worked out qualitatively and in full, and the management and civil protection bodies of «Amangeldy Gaz» LLP, the personnel of contractors showed confident and coordinated actions.

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