New AGDS “Merke” was put into operation in Zhambyl region


The new gas distribution station is able to provide uninterrupted gas supply to consumers at any time of the year.

Today in Zhambyl region, a new automated gas distribution station “Merke” was put into operation, which is part of the management structure of the main gas pipelines “Taraz” of JSC “Intergas Central Asia” (part of JSC “KazTransGas”).

This event is important for Merke and the entire Merke region, as it is not about upgrading the old facility, but about building a completely new station with a higher degree of reliability and performance.

Since the old gas distribution station lacked the capacity to meet the growing needs of the area, and there was a high degree of physical deterioration of its equipment, the company decided to build a new AGDS.

The newly commissioned AGDS “Merke” has a capacity of 30,000 m3 / h, which completely covers the current needs of the district, even during peak periods. Moreover, thanks to the backup connection to the second line of the MGP “BGR-TBA” through the medium-pressure gas supply pipeline, ICA can now guarantee uninterrupted gas supply to consumers in the area, even in the event of repair work on one of the gas pipeline threads.

The new AGDS “Merke” is of great social importance, it will provide a stable gas supply to 16 settlements of the Merke district: Merke, Oital, Sarymoldayeva, Zhambyl, Aktogan, Ak Aral, Internatsionalnaya, Plogoyagodnaya, T. Ryskulov, Sypatai, Ekpindi, Oital, Sanatornyi, Taldybulak, Turlybay, Kazakh Dihan; 12,695 residential buildings; 420 housing and communal facilities and 33 industrial enterprises.

The capacity of the new AGDS gives a lot of economic opportunities, it is the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the area, which will contribute to the emergence of new industrial enterprises and jobs.

Technically, the new AGDS meets all modern requirements. Crane units here are made with the use of ball valves with pneumatic hydraulic drive. This made it possible to fully automate the technological processes at the new AGDS using SIEMENS equipment. The dispatchers can control the situation at the station through the security and video surveillance system, which covers the station site and crane nodes.


The GDS “Merke”, which was in operation until recently, was built more than 30 years ago. Those indicators for capacity that were laid down in it in the 1980s were focused on the needs of the district at that time and no longer met modern requirements. For example, with the passport gas transmission capacity of 10,000 m3/h, the actual average daily gas consumption in the area in winter was 16,500 m3/h; in the peak period, this figure could generally reach 20,000 m3/h.

In total, several major gas pipelines pass through the territory of Zhambyl region at once: the “Bukhara Gas – Bearing Region-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty” (BGR – TBA), the “Amangeldy-KS-5 Taraz” MGP and the “Kazakhstan-China” MGP.

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