New wells in action


The Development of gas-condensate field “Amangeldy” is in compliance with all requirements of the “Project field development” Amangeldy.” To maintain the level envisaged by the project of natural gas and gas condensate at the field, the construction of wells number 123 and number 124 were completed, at the end of last year. Both wells were put into operation, allowing LLP “Amangeldy Gas” ensure the planned volumes of hydrocarbon production set JSC”KazTransGas”.

Production plans are set, taking into account seasonal variations in consumption of natural gas. To meet the needs of residents and heat generation companies of Zhambyl region in the autumn-winter period, the remedial and preparatory work on the wells and complex gas Partnership held in the spring-summer period.

It set targets to increase the resource base in the contract area before LLP “Amangeldy Gas”. The work in this direction started. For the current year it is planned to put into pilot development of the field, “Zharkum.” The real actions to implement the plan were written. Currently the works on the implementation of planned activities.

The field “Amangeldy” put into operation in October 2003. During this period, LLP “Amangeldy Gas” as the first operator, and since September 2012 as a subsoil user on the contract area, regularly performs the tasks assigned JSC”KazTransGas”. All these years the field operates in the normal mode with the requirements of industrial safety and environmental protection.

The decent work of some employees of the Association for its performance in 2012 marked Diplomas of JSC “NC” KazMunaiGas “and” KazTransGas “, the operator of aggregates for servicing gas production equipment Zhensikbaev S.A. was awarded the medal “For Valiant Labor”, repairman equipment Kaumenov H . – the badge of “NC” KazMunaiGas “.

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