Spring update: gas workers went on a subbotnik


In all regions of the presence of the group of companies of JSC “KazTransGas”, the traditional April subbotnik was held. Wearing protective masks and keeping a distance, the gas workers were engaged in cleaning their personal work space and landscaping the territory.

From year to year, every spring and autumn, company workers go out to clean up city areas assigned to enterprises and adjacent to gas supply system facilities. In a few hours of team work, gas workers have brought order to production sites, around compressor and gas distribution stations, underground gas storage facilities and fields, in shift settlements.

Participants of the subbotnik collected and took out garbage, swept roads and sidewalks, whitewashed trees and curbs.

Caring for the environment, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of objects, territories and streets is a contribution to environmental well-being. The employees of the gas industry who took an active part in the subbotnik are firmly convinced of this.

Within the framework of the event, employees of the department of main gas pipelines (UMG) “Aktau”, “Shymkent” of JSC” Intergas Central Asia”, repair and maintenance site in the city of Nur-Sultan and branches of “KazTransGas Onimderi” LLP in Aktobe and Taraz, “Amangeldi Gas” LLP improved the territory, planted seedlings of young trees and shrubs.

On this day, general cleaning was carried out not only on the streets, but also in offices, order was restored in garages and warehouses, repair shops.

According to all participants of the event, a joint subbotnik brings not only benefits to the environment, it is also a good opportunity for mutual communication with colleagues, a great opportunity to become an even more cohesive team.

The photo collection presents footage from subbotniks at production facilities in the regions.

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