The inhabitants of Taraz will be supplied with natural gas


JSC”KazTransGas” has started the realization of the project by deliving gas to Taraz. This project is called “Modernization of the gas distribution system in the city of Taraz.”

In a future its plans to upgrade the 900km of gas chain in the city of  Taraz, also to realize the transition to the second level of gas suppliing system.

Implementation of the project will create conditions to increase the reliability and stability in the provision of energy to population. In turn, it will be a positive step in improving the level and quality of citizen’s life, industry, small and medium enterprises.

Nowadays the project “Construction of a gas pipeline from automated gas distribution station” Kordai “to the town of Shu” is realizing in Zhambyl region. This project will be finished till December of this year. As a result of the project 25 settlements of the region, including the town of Shu will be supplied with gas.

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