The results of the work for the first half of 2019 were summed up at Amangeldy Gas LLP


       At the meeting with labor collective of Amangeldy Gas LLP, general director Yerken Kasseyev reported on the results of work and told about the results achieved by company.

As a subsidiary  of  National operator KazTransGaz JSC Amangeldy Gas LLP, according to current contract, is exploring and producing hydrocarbon raw materials within the contract area at the Amangeldy, Airakty, Zhanabai, Zharkum, Kumyrly, Ucharal-Ucharal Northern, Kempirtobe and sections of Barkhan-Sultankuduk, Kumyrly-Koskuduk.

Yerken Kasseyev presented employees with information on the created working conditions. He noted that in the year of youth was developed and launched a 4-module program for the development of young professionals ” New thoughts. New emotion. New action.»

For the first time the competition “Uzdik Maman-2019” was held among the workers of Shu-Sarysu production personnel of Amangeldy Gas LLP in such professions as electric engineer for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and locksmith – repairman. A total of 12 employees took part in it.

During the reporting meeting, the General Director of Amangeldy Gas briefed the employees on the main planned works for 2019 and answered in detail the employees’ questions of interest.

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